Christmas Cactus Problems Not Flowering

If you have just recently acquired your christmas cactus this alone could be part of the issue with it not blooming. You can tell the thanksgiving cactus apart from the christmas cactus by the shape of the leaves and flower anthers.

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It s not actually a christmas cactus.

Christmas cactus problems not flowering. 3 common problems that prevent a christmas cactus from flowering 1 bud drop. If you ve tried everything in this post and still no blooms you might just have a different cactus than you originally thought. But they re not popular with greenhouse growers who prefer the earlier blooming thanksgiving cactus or crab cactus s.

Light temperature and water typically the bloom season for this plant comes during fall in the last days of october and the early days of november this information will help you understand when you should start preparing your plant for the blooming season. If yours isn t flowering or once did and has stopped if it is. Most christmas cactus problems arise from the same few issues.

Christmas cactus schlumbergera truncata is also known as thanksgiving cactus holiday cactus or crab cactus the crab name refers to the leaf shaped stem segments that have curved pointed teeth or claws along the edges. How to get your christmas cactus to bloom. Additionally the pollen bearing anthers in thanksgiving cactus flowers are yellow.

The trick to getting your christmas cactus to bloom boils down to three critical things. Bud drop is as it sounds the plant produces the buds but rather than them flowering the buds drop off the end of the leaf. There is a thanksgiving cactus christmas cactus and an easter cactus.

Of course there will be other christmas cactus problems you might encounter but hopefully this guide will help you with the blooming. It is a thanksgiving cactus schlumbergera truncata. It is normal for the plant to drop some buds but when it drops more than it keeps that s a problem you need to address.

Truncata which as the name suggests naturally blooms in november shortly before the american thanksgiving. The easter cactus schlumbergera buckleyi has rounded edges on its leaf segments they all originated in southeast coastal brazil in shady humid forests. Getting those things right will go a long way towards keeping your plant happy and healthy.

The leaves botanically referred to as phylloclades are serrated on the thanksgiving cactus. They are very picky plants and do not like changes to their environment. So when you buy a christmas cactus you actually come home with a thanksgiving one.

We have a whole bunch of useful tips on this site such as using coffee grounds on a christmas cactus and advice on the best potting soil for a christmas cactus. Did you know that there are actually three different types of cacti that look like a christmas cactus. Christmas cactus may live for 25 years or more and being slightly rootbound is actually conducive to blooming.

That being said they do not require long periods of light so you might try placing it in a dark room for up to 15 hours a day for the next month. Too much sunlight too much water high temps and not enough humidity.

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