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Man of strength author from orlando fl on june 25 2013. The best and brightest women in 80s rock music becomes far more interesting to compile once massive pop superstars from madonna to whitney houston to janet jackson are deemed ineligible for inclusion.

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Fashion is always lead by icons such as the most influential celebrities of the day.

80s icons women. Now is their chance to shine as confident women performers unintimidated. Here we look at women who made fashion their own and continue to. Singers like madonna and cyndi lauper lead a movement of edgy looks that were not only bold and excessive but.

Hi m o s i m going to an 80 s party and i didn t know what to dress up as. Pop icons of 80s and no michael jackson. 80s style icons from music movies and even the royal family we take a look back the men and women who gave great 80s style and are still inspiring us now this is the kind of history lesson we x27 re into.

That s because 80s rock harbored many worthy artists that often played second fiddle to the era s prominent pop stars. The 80s was a great year for music and movies. Along with 1970s fashion 1980s fashion was one of the most experimental periods in style history thanks to enduring style icons from.

The jane fonda workout was the highest selling home video of the 1980s selling more than a million copies. Fonda subsequently released 23 workout videos with the series selling a total of 17 million copies combined more than any other exercise series. But if you ve spent every halloween since 1991 dressed up as madonna or michael jackson from that pepsi commercial it s time to change up your throwback outfits a bit.

The 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade. The 80s were no exception to this rule and had their own list of celebs inspiring the outfits of ladies all over the world. Mdigiddy on october 24 2017.

Will you be able to remember the icons from that era. You are the coolest. The video s release led many people to buy the then new vcr in order to watch and perform the workout at home.

The 80s were a heyday of pop culture icons which is why it s such a popular source of halloween costume fodder. The 80s were a decade of big hair and bright clothes. Madonna designed her own style from underwear as outerwear to layered costume jewelry for her performances in the 80s and 90s.

Take this quiz and find out. I looked and looked and looked and i found you and all my problems are solved. However there was a group of famous ladies that managed to make this style all their own and for that reason we loved them.

In the article below we ve brought you a list of the most fashionable female icons from the 80s. Most of the time it looked ridiculous.

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