Christmas Cactus Flower Buds

Christmas cacti are considered tropical plant types that require extra care unlike their desert relatives which don t need as much care to grow and flower. In the case of christmas cactus bud drop the causes can range from cultural care lighting and even the fickleness of the plant to its situation.

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To initiate the production of flower buds make sure you expose it to at least 16 hours of darkness and eight hours of light for at least six weeks.

Christmas cactus flower buds. Bathed in ignorance and weakened by my longing for flowers i envisioned it fitting right in with my other thrive on neglect comrades. Fertilizer is another thing that can cause the buds to drop on a christmas cactus especially if it is being fed during its dormant time of year. Covered in fuchsia flowers and dozens of buds i figured this would make an excellent addition to my growing collection of houseplants.

These plants need more water then true cactus and require a photoperiod of at least 14 hours of darkness to set buds. Its cactus status screamed low maintenance. Other issues that may result in a christmas cactus dropping flower buds are.

Once buds have formed it usually takes up to 12 weeks or less for blooms to appear. This particular cactus needs proper care to bud and flower each year. Move the christmas cactus to a sunny draft free area.

The fertilizer that plant receives. The plant can be fed during the growing season but not use food during the fall and winter which is the blooming season. Well the secret to getting your christmas cactus to bloom is providing it with the right temperatures and amount of light.

Christmas cacti tend to flower in a cold and relatively dark environment. Christmas cactus plants should continue receiving dark cool treatment for at least 6 8 weeks or until buds begin forming. There are a few reasons why the flowers will wilt which will cause the buds to drop as well.

The plant should also be relocated at this time. Care of flowers on christmas cacti.

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