Nissan Logo History

The company created its first car. The debut emblem shows a blue rounded rectangle.

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2020 present the new logo was officially unveiled on july 15 2020 along with the launch of the production version of the ariya model in japan which is scheduled to go on sale in mid 2021 followed by.

Nissan logo history. In 1925 the company was renamed once again to dat motorcar co. The black capitalized inscription is placed between two arches forming a recognizable nissan circular logo. This is the year when masujiro hashimoto created the kwaishinsha motor car works.

If we want to understand the nissan logo we first need to find out its history. Evolution of the nissan logo. The evolution of the brand from datsun to nissan can be traced to the change of logos.

There are no less than 29 but most often we are talking about the main options that left a noticeable mark in history. The last redesigned vehicle to use this logo was the third generation nissan rogue that was unveiled in the united states on june 15 2020. The nissan logo history.

However since son in japanese also means loss the. And five years after it produced a new smaller vehicle the datson the son of dat. Probably some of you are wondering what nissan means.

We are going to find out this soon but let s get back now to 1911. So let s talk more about nissan s logo the company s history and their current car lineup below. The logo introduced by nissan in 2020 is a sleek minimalist badge executed in flat monochrome and repeating the shape of the iconic emblem but in a modern and stylish way.

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