Male 80s Pop Icons

Features top 10 80s pop stars the true superstars. Instagram said the account breaches their policies on male nudity although other accounts post similar images.

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Pop icons of 80s and no michael jackson.

Male 80s pop icons. Though the king of pop had been a music star for years before 1982 s thriller the release of that album launched him so far into the stratosphere that he ended up permanently discolored well maybe that wasn t precisely how it happened but jackson was certainly the most earth shattering 80s music phenom and his overwhelming popularity that took hold. It wasn t like spandau were co opting a gay culture argues paul flynn. Dreadlocks make up boots and big coats were the trademarks that made bg stand out from the rest.

She won the 2001 best latin pop grammy for her mtv unplugged. Prince also changed the sound of pop. Sygma via getty images getty images.

Everything seemed bigger in the 80s like hair and shoulder pads as did these 80s pop stars who enjoyed equally astronomical levels of fame. Boy george real name george o dowd was the face of british 80s pop music. This week in out.

Along with 1970s fashion 1980s fashion was one of the most experimental periods in style history thanks to enduring style icons from. Humphrey bogart was one of the biggest male icons of the 1940s. Following his appearance in 1942 s casablanca hollywood finally saw that bogart could play something other than a hardcore gangster leading to his being cast in the 1944 film to have and have not it was during the filming of this flick that he met lauren bacall whom he eventually fell in love with and married.

Lead singer of culture club george was very much a part of the new romantic movement and his unique style of dressing has remained a huge influence for the era. And the 80s didn t have just one member of pop royalty. She is of lebanese spanish and italian descent.

Here s what a 100 years of male pop music icons look like. Shakira began her musical career at the age of 12 and quickly captured fans around the world. Grammy winning pop singer shakira was born in barranquilla colombia on february 2 1977.

I looked and looked and looked and i found you and all my problems are solved. So much fierce so little time. Hi m o s i m going to an 80 s party and i didn t know what to dress up as.

Mdigiddy on october 24 2017. The ambiguous coding of 80s pop suspended the figure of the gay male in an in between space. 80s icons gay superheroes and a very queer nyfw.

Man of strength author from orlando fl on june 25 2013. You are the coolest. The 1980s birthed more fashion icons than any other decade.

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